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OMG ITS A BROWN LJ COMUNITEEE [entries|friends|calendar]
i am a brown kid who lives in arizona

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ALL AGES 2nite at the Trunk Space: Greenwich, Sister Cities, Win the Scene and DJ William F'ing Reed [20 Feb 2009|05:41pm]


TONIGHT!!! Free Sushi Records Label Launch Party!!!

with Greenwich, Sister Cities, Win the Scene

and DJ William F'ing Reed!!!

All Ages Show - 9pm - $8

at The Trunk Space - 1506 NW Grand Ave.,

Phoenix, AZ
- 602-256-6006

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Phoenix First Fridays and Art Detour [02 Mar 2007|03:35pm]

Tonight is Phoenix First Friday, and for those of you who aren't already aware it is also the first night of the 19th Annual Art Detour in Downtown Phoenix.

Come visit us at Counter Culture Cafe in our new location inside of the Paper Heart Arts Venue

for more comprehensive guides check out the Phoenix New Times and AZcentral/The Arizona Republic. The Phoenix New Times also has a free print version of their Art Detour supplement available most places where New Times is normally distributed.
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Tonight @ The Paper Heart and Counter Culture Cafe [26 Feb 2007|06:15pm]

Starting at 8pm
February 25 thru Monday - February 26 
We are dedicated to work that addresses where we are geographically and philosophically, and are interested in investigating the places where these intersect on a mutually determined glocal table/playing field. As a collective, we are already born with many tongues, and some of us have two or three, which makes speech difficult but entirely possible. We are developing a style of performance that speaks to bilingual (and multilingual) audiences, utilizing subaltern, alternative modes of presentation, technologically and philosophically reconfiguring the dna of a post-consumer idea of a thought of a notion. We do not dance.

CENIZAS and DESEO the Paper Heart February 25 & 26th
CENIZAS, February 25th: multimedia performance en espanol
DESEO, February 26th: mutlimedia performance en vivo

We just performed CENIZAS at No Passport (Dreaming the Americas: Diversity and Difference in Performance) at CUNY February 3rd and DESEO at the PVCC X-Fest February 10th, so we're in shape for this...this will be the last chance to see these for awhile, so bring friends and take pictures.

Also note that my knee is swollen ridiculously, and can be seen totally nude in these shows. Warn the children.

Another more important note: now that the state language is being changed from Apache to Texan English, we are performing these works in Spanish and a little bit of ingles (pero no como el arbusto presidente, el hombre mas inarticulado en la historia de pseudo-Tejanos). Please tell your friends, and anyone interested in seeing work en espanol here. There are a few groups in the state, Teatro Bravo and Borderlands among others, who do this work, so it's very important to support these efforts with physical presence. I am told that I don't really speak Spanish anyway, so I don't count, pero ni modo, aqui estamos en un momento muy importante en la historia del suroeste, y por eso, vamos a luchar en la manera que sabemos, en performance. Y mas, en el futuro, nos preguntamos si otros lenguas seran ilegal aqui, como Aleman, o Hopi, o Navajo, o Cocopah, y estoy muy confundido por que no tengo antepasados de inglaterra, entonces, por que es necesario para mi a hablar en ingles, y solamente ingles? huyyyyy, que raro, pero ven ven ven por favor, y ver que hay algo pasando aqui en este desierto, ok ok?

8pm $8.00
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[08 Aug 2005|10:26am]
[ mood | amused ]

hahahhah how the hell did this community get 27 members?

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[18 Apr 2005|04:37pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Ooooooh snap! It's a brown ppl party in here!! Well, i'm brown. And i live in Az. Which only means i'm getting browner by the minute. Damn you arizona sun!

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mistaken identity! [13 Apr 2005|06:40pm]

has anyone in here ever been mistaken as something other than the kind of brown they are? or even some other part of the world entirely? :)

por ejemplo: i've gotten hispanic, egyptian and of course indian, when i'm from bangladesh.
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[13 Apr 2005|05:54pm]

i joined cuz jazz
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[13 Apr 2005|05:39pm]
we have thirteen members
break out the apple cider
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[25 Nov 2004|04:25pm]
hi, no one has updated this thing for a long while.
other than that um native american kid.. :)


since this is a brown community,

what is your favorite thing about being brown?

mine would be that i get mistaken as a terrorist, yesss.

i realize its a lame question, but shush. better than no updates at all, sorta.

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[02 Oct 2004|03:01pm]


with a community wide interest of fighting the man, how can you resist?

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Nava what? [04 Sep 2004|07:24pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

i'm a NAVAJO!
hahaha. so hey. i'm chillin on da Rez and am bored checking things out. ya at teeh. *native*
what's up?

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[16 Jul 2004|12:24pm]

helo brownies,
im a little late haha im gujrati!~ haha later * anu*
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hi [11 Jun 2004|09:26pm]
for the sake of formality, who is everyone here and what part of 'brownland' are you from?
(..yes, i do realize that everyone pretty much already knows eachother on this thing, but oh well lol)

im Neeraja, and am 'from' india..specifically madras/chennai (south india)
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hmm [06 Jun 2004|07:15pm]

are mexicans and other brown people allowed in here? like what about caucasians who just happen to be really dark?
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haha [06 Jun 2004|04:14pm]

[ mood | amused ]

this makes me laugh
cuz most of the brown people in AZ
aren't even desi

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[07 Jun 2004|04:07pm]
i'd make this pretty if i wasn't lazy
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